Modern House 1With over 100 Million views our modern house building series is the most popular on YouTube. You can download every single building by clicking the link below.

>> download .zip

Wooden HouseWe started our channel with wooden houses and have since expanded the portfolio with many other kinds of buildings. Yet we still upload new wooden houses at least once a month.
You can download them all by clicking the link below.

>> download .zip

survival starter housesStarter houses are highly requested on our YouTube channel. What makes them special is their simplicity. They are easy to build and only consist out of fundamental materials.

>> download .zip

Minecraft SkyscraperHere you can find all skyscrapers ready to download.

Click the link below.

>> download ( Currently unawailable

>> download (secret

Shock Frost Minecraft MapClick on the link below to download most of the houses we have created. Also includes unreleased buildings!

Updated: July 2020

>> download (

>> download (

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